Cloud Audio System Controller

Cloud Audio System Controller
Cloud Audio System Controller
Price: $1,450.00

Audio System Controller. 6 x stereo inputs, 1 x stereo output, 4 x mic inputs, 1 x mono mic ouput

"Unique" best describes the CX462 Audio System Controller. We have included a set of features and configuration options that bring great diversity and make the unit the appropriate choice for applications such as AV presentations, places of worship, plus other sound systems often found in hotels, shops, bars and leisure venues. Features Independent music and microphone sections 6 line inputs with preset gain controls (music section) Line 6 can be configured for priority (music section) Accessories RL-1 Remote Level Control RSL-6 Remote Music Source Selector XLR-F1 Female XLR Connector XLR-M1 Male XLR Connector

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